Angry people.

by orientalcutlery

They say the best way to get to know someone is to argue with them. To a certain extent, I agree with this. It makes sense. In arguing with someone you learn a lot about their thought processes, their vocabulary, their ability to reason. Of course, you often learn that people are complete arse-bags with no concept of the need for evidence in an argument, and find that they possess an arogance you thought could only be found in characters played by Hugh Grant in the noughties. Either way, you are learning something.  

I am both hailed and ridiculed for being a rather argumentative person. It is my gift, my curse. Because of this, people often think of me as quite aggressive. I’m not really, I promise. Well, not physically. But I do enjoy engaging in battles of wit, and arguing about things that matter. I have no problem in defending myself, and I am never reserved when I feel something needs to be addressed. 

Through all of the years of arguments I have had, I have come across some fairly incredibly dull people. I’ve come across unreasonable arguments, and I’ve often been proven wrong, and let me clarify that that is an entirely different thing to arguing with someone who is truly thick. I’ve won debating finals, I’ve lost competitions, I’ve had fierce engagements with friends and enemies about religion, eating habits and feminism. And through all of this, I have heard some fairly infuriating arguments. But aside from any opinion or creed is something that makes me angrier than anything else in any debate, regardless of its subject matter. It is this.

Calm down. 

You can disagree with me. You can insult me, you can deconstruct my argument into tiny pieces and defeat me beyond all reasonable doubt. But nothing, NOTHING will make me as angry as telling me to “calm down” mid-argument. I have never heard anything more ridiculous in my life. I am going to speak to you about a topic I know you have an opinion on. I am going to disagree with this opinion, and we are going to argue. We are going to throw points back and forth, attempt to outwit each other using logic and language, approach the motion from every possible philosophical angle, and then, when you are at your fiercest, when your eyes are wide with disbelief at my ignorance, I’m going to tell you to “CALM DOWN. JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN, THERE’S NO NEED TO GET SO ANGRY”.

To you sir, I say this: